M-LOG adopted a “Organisation, Management & Control Model” pursuant to article 6 of Italian Law no. 231/01.
The adoption of this Model encourages rigor, transparency and a sense of responsibility in internal dealings and with the outside world, and provides stakeholders with the best guarantees for efficient, correct management through the introduction of procedures designed to manage potentially risky situations.
As part of its business activities, M-LOG has identified a series of key values: general principles that all staff and/or anyone who works on behalf of the Company must respect in order to ensure fairness in the way the Company conducts its business activities, in order to safeguard the Company’s patrimony and reputation within the surrounding environment.

Download Model 231

Moreover, according to the recent UK anti-corruption legislation, M-LOG complies with the Bribery Act introducing the liability of companies in case of corruption or unethical behaviour.

Download Bribery Act 2010

If you detect critical issues not in line with the code of ethics, please report them to: mail@m-log.it.
Your messages will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.