M-LOG can offer certified expertise to ships and their cargoes, ensuring transparency and confidentiality.
We are specialized in liquid biomass logistics and are authorised to carry out:

  • Pre Loading Cargo Condition Survey, i.e. technical assessment about the condition of goods prior to their loading into containers or aboard ships.
  • Transhipment Survey, i.e. expertise on transit or transhipment goods.
  • Damage Report, i.e. assessment of the damage occurred to a batch of goods.
  • Discharge Cargo Condition Survey, i.e. checking goods conditions during landing or delivery when operations carried out by the port company are in progress.
  • Cargo Custom Conference, i.e. assistance in on-site inspections of goods loaded in containers under customs bonds.
  • Cargo Lashing, i.e. when the load has been secured according to the technical standards provided.
  • Bunker Survey, i.e. calculation of the amount of lubricant or other liquid fuel actually loaded (or left)
  • On & Off Hire Condition Survey-For containers and/or ships before the start or end of a rental period.
  • Project Cargo: analysis of all phases of transportation of wind systems, generators, turbines, systems in general.
  • Loss Prevention, i.e. analysis of the delivery methods applied to particularly critical goods in order to prevent any casualties or damages.


For any info: shipping@m-log.it